Kiss for a Cause


Blarney Stone Gives Back

The Blarney Stone benefits outstanding charitable organizations in our community.

Your donation makes a difference. Kissing the Stone does more than just provide you with a keepsake of good fortune and a legendary gift of eloquence; it also empowers local charities to continue their services.


Where your kisses go

Estimated Community Impact Annually

Estimated Visitors in 2019

We estimate 14 million Savannah visitors in 2019. A single kiss can make a difference. 100% of your contribution goes to charity.

Blarney Castle

The Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland made it possible for the Savannah Blarney Stone to be
displayed in Savannah. We are grateful and truly blessed by the Irish stone.

Who Benefits?

Our community benefits through the activities of 10 tremendous charities doing good work.