Blarney For A Cause

Kissing the Irish Blarney Stone does more than just provide you with the legendary gift of eloquence; it also empowers local charities to continue their services. The Savannah Blarney Stone was brought to Savannah with a mission to give residents and visitors a true Irish experience while local charities reap the benefits. The Savannah Blarney Stone supports our charities as they support our community.

The proceeds raised during the visits and photo opportunities at Cohen’s Retreat, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and other events benefit a roster of local charities who our organization feels are doing exceptional work towards building a better community. Each charity equally receives immediate funding as well as ongoing annual support through the Sustainable Fund created by the Savannah Blarney Stone Project. The Savannah Blarney Stone organization will choose new charities for the stone to benefit every year to ensure a well-rounded program.

Where Your Money Goes

Below are the charities that benefit from each kiss we collect at the Savannah Blarney Stone. To support our mission before, after, or in lieu of a visit to the Savannah Blarney Stone, click here to donate today.