From Ireland to Savannah

Savannah Blarney Stone

The Savannah Blarney Stone came to Savannah from Cork, Ireland. The incubation process of the charitable concept using the stone from the Blarney Castle began in 2009. In November of 2014, Blarney Castle Estate shipped the stone to Savannah. Plans began immediately to display the stone publicly to benefit the Savannah Community.

Blarney Castle

To learn more about the Blarney Castle, click here.

About Our Project

The Savannah Blarney Stone embodies good fortune to all. Savannah is a wonderful city and home to many wonderful people doing great things. Our goal is to help build a brighter Savannah by financially supporting the good works of ten very different select charities. Throughout 2019, we will launch a series of programs to raise awareness and bring good fortune to the broader Savannah community. Each kiss brings a new participant in our cities’ success.

Our Mission

Supporting worthy causes

We select great charities and monitor their success throughout the year. We share their success with our community stakeholders.

Donating to local charities

We believe in our community and want to support activities that encourage the development of the city as a whole. Good works create great cities.

Giving back to the community

We believe in and support activities which encourage the development of our diverse and active charitable community.


Promoting Good Fortune for All

Whether you live in Savannah or are just visiting, know that good things come when you least expect them. ‘May the wind always be at your back.’

Contact Us

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5715 Skidaway Road
Savannah, GA 31406

1-855-747-ROCK (7625)